Luning Wang
Founder & Author

Luning is a London-based, Chinese-born writer and art & lifestyle journalist. She was schooled in England and gained a BSc Politics degree from the University of Bristol. After studying MA Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s Institute, Luning gained work experience in high-profile art galleries and auction houses such as Gagosian Gallery, Gazelli Art House, Christie’s and Phillips.

Encouraged by her friends who said she has never failed to crack them up, Luning started writing her raw thoughts on society, modern life and naughty reality-based fictional stories inspired by her ‘gallery girl’ experience in 2015. She founded “Picasso and the Single Girl” official WeChat subscription in 2016 and started to share with Chinese readers about the happenings in the art world, interesting people and western lifestyle. Luning also writes for several Chinese online art and lifestyle publications, include Bazaar Art China, Cc Foundation’s new media site. She also provide consulting for western brands on their Chinese media strategies.

Picasso and the Single Girl
The brand

“Picasso and the Single Girl”, the name was inspired by the famous book “Sex and the Single Girl” by the famous ex-editor at Cosmopolitan magazine Helen Gurley Brown in the 1960s.

“Picasso” refers to the art world and its species. “The Single Girl” element of PATSG is in allusion to the arguably digital-driven fourth wave of feminism; “single” hence isn’t a relationship status but a metaphorical reference to the individuality of the society at large. PATSG covers stories and people from the art world, global jet-setter lifestyle and discusses modern dilemmas in our cosmopolitan life. “Muse in the Art” series features exclusive interviews with people in the art world. “Picasso and the Single Girl” also explores the real art world events in a naughty and fictional way. Let’s follow Jonny, a rising art world star, and his art world friends to see the hottest exhibitions in town, do nude drawings with artists and smash Miami, Basel, Paris, Hong Kong and London…

The Chinese site on WeChat is a window for the Chinese readers to experience European lifestyle and culture while getting insights into the Western art world; the PATSG discovers laughter that is lost and found in translation.

The Chinese content is on official WeChat subscription, 毕加索与单身女孩 (ID:picassosinglegirl)