Art Basel Miami Beach | Jonny’s Angels

30/11/2016 — Sun screen, check. Sandals, check. Bikini, check. Ready to escape the winter freeze of the North and get exposed to the glitzy air of Art Basel on Miami Beach! To some, there’s always beach first, and bitch comes-and they take precedence as you prepare to immerse yourself in the colourful, action packed strokes splashed on … Continued

The Trade of Politeness on an Uber Ride

27/11/2016 — My American friend Hayley has lived in Beijing for the last two years. She told me Uber over there, is the equivalent of Tinder here, and it could be used better for hooking up with the nouveau riche in China.   “In China, Tinder is censored because Facebook is censored. But Uber is the new … Continued

Airbnb Style Relationships in the Apps Age

13/10/2016 — It was the usual scene where champagne circled and caviar was served. While women in their double C logo bags and red soles talked fashion and sipped bubbles, and men in suits on the balcony outside smoked cigars and discussed market prospects. Most of the guest arrived in executive Uber. Some guests were sitting at … Continued

A Conversation with Arne Glimcher

12/10/2016 — Arne himself is an incredibly fascinating figure, who is not only a world renowned legendary art dealer, but a film director and producer, writer and philosopher. He has worked in Hollywood in the 80s and 90s, produced eight movies. Arne speaks up his views on the new global narrative, his philosophy on art and commerce, and his take on “ambition”, “vanity” and “success” during Fiac Art Week in Paris.

How to handle “Panda Wears Rolex”

12/10/2016 — We all know that the “Devil Wears Prada” was so ten years ago; the Prada-wearing “devils” have grown old, and their once shabby assistants have now risen up in the world. And so have the Chinese! Like it or not, we are now in the era of the “Panda Wears Rolex”. The Chinese have proven … Continued