A-Z 摄影艺术收藏

10/06/2017 — 春末夏初的伦敦依旧阴冷雾濛,而艺术圈却沉浸在胶片的怀旧情绪中。摄影艺博会 Photo London 和 Christie’s、Sotheby’s、Phillips 各大拍卖行 photographs 的拍卖将「collecting photography」成为过去这一星期伦敦艺术届的聚焦~各种图像也令大家看得眼花缭乱~其实,想开始收藏的年轻藏家们不妨从 photograph 和 prints 入手:10 万到 100 万人民币的预算,未必能很容易收到一幅具有升值潜力的当代艺术家作品,却可以入手一张 20 世纪经典摄影艺术作品。不论是历史罕见的作品还是原版老照片冲印,都具有稳定的升值潜力。

Transcending Boundaries (Of An Art Dealer)

06/02/2017 — Watch out for the hottest show in town-Pace London presents Transcending Boundaries, an exhibition of works by Japanese digital art collective teamLab! It explores the role of digital technology in transcending the physical and conceptual boundaries that exist between different artworks. It also dissolves the boundaries between art, exhibition space and the viewers through interactivity. … Continued

An Exhibition Named ‘Desire’

26/12/2016 — When Picasso’s granddaughter teamed up with mega art dealers Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch to set up a show named Desire, it set some people’s mind on fire. This week-long exhibition during the time of Art Basel Week in Miami featured 50 modern and contemporary artists’ works selected by the exhibition curator: Diana Widmaier-Picasso. Through … Continued

Art Basel Miami Beach | Jonny’s Angels

30/11/2016 — Sun screen, check. Sandals, check. Bikini, check. Ready to escape the winter freeze of the North and get exposed to the glitzy air of Art Basel on Miami Beach! To some, there’s always beach first, and bitch comes-and they take precedence as you prepare to immerse yourself in the colourful, action packed strokes splashed on … Continued