Tanya Ling: 打破艺术与时装插画的界限

16/10/2017 — Tanya Ling 是时尚界最爱的插画师兼艺术家。多年来,Ling 与品牌间的合作奠定了她的名气与影响力。然而,Tanya Ling 的创作才华早已超越了时装插画的局限,在纯艺术的道路上愈行愈远。


26/06/2017 — 我们现在虽都是「小菜叶」,但总有一天我们中有些人会爬到金字塔的顶端,功成名就。当那时,大家也应该偶尔可以回头看看,嘻笑一下曾经的岁月,但不要鄙视那些刚入行的「小菜叶」们。

Muse in the Art World: Georgina Cohen

05/02/2017 — Georgina lives a full life with both the prestige of art and the glamour of fashion. She works for the world’s most prestigious gallery-Gagosian. Her role there involves building up personal collections for top clients and working on special projects with the gallery and its artists. She also has strong connections with the fashion world-as … Continued

Art Basel Miami Beach | Jonny’s Angels

30/11/2016 — Sun screen, check. Sandals, check. Bikini, check. Ready to escape the winter freeze of the North and get exposed to the glitzy air of Art Basel on Miami Beach! To some, there’s always beach first, and bitch comes-and they take precedence as you prepare to immerse yourself in the colourful, action packed strokes splashed on … Continued