GucciX 网红艺术家跨界合作 | 秒变 Insta 红人的秘诀

18/03/2017 — Alessandro Michele 执掌 Gucci 后仿佛昼夜替换间将其从一个需要注入新鲜能量的 fashion house 变成了 the pearl & darling of the fashion world! 现在不论是它家的 T-shirt、手包、pussybow 上衣还是 furry slip-on loafer 都是 fashionistas,instagram darlings,还有 It girls,It guys,It gays and It babies 的 must haves。也许 Alessandro Michele 比谁都懂时刻 stay ahead of the game 的秘诀之一就是要秒握时间——特别是在瞬息万变的时尚界,one minute you are in,the next,you’re out。

Muse in the Art World: Georgina Cohen

05/02/2017 — Georgina lives a full life with both the prestige of art and the glamour of fashion. She works for the world’s most prestigious gallery-Gagosian. Her role there involves building up personal collections for top clients and working on special projects with the gallery and its artists. She also has strong connections with the fashion world-as … Continued